Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello everyone, I know a lot about Roborovski Hamsters and here is a great site!
I hope you will join too! And if you do please add me as a friend if you like, I am Emma and Elizabeth.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

About Roborovski Hamsters

Roborovski hamsters came from the Gobi desert in northern China. They are the smallest and fastest hamsters ever kept as pets. They dig and live in burrows under ground. They are nocturnal and have lots of energy! I wouldn't recommend them as pets for younger children. But they are very entertaining and have lots of character. They rarely bit and are very social animals. But sometimes fights can break out between them. But if properly cared for they can make great pets!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Hamster Videos!

This is where I will post all my hamster videos! I hope you enjoy them!

This is a video of my pics of Emma & Elizabeth! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Elizabeth is just getting off her wheel wondering where the big flash came from!
Elizabeth is also a female, husky, Roborovski Hamster! She is much more calmer than her sister Emma. Elizabeth is smaller that Emma but doesn't really seem to care. She will sometimes sit and my hand and let me pet her. She also with except treats, but only in her cage! She is very sweet and can be quite a character!


Emma Trying to hide from the camera!
Emma is a Female, Husky (white faced) Roborovski hamster. She is very easily startled and runs to saftey as fast as she can go! Emma is the boss over Elizabeth and sometimes bullies her. But she never realy tries to hurt her. She is so cute and wants to play with something almost all the time!

My Roborovski Hamsters!

I have two girl, Roborovski Hamsters! Their names are Emma & Elizabeth. They live in a bin cage in my room. They are very lively and run on their wheel anytime they can get. I love them very much and the are so spoiled! I got them sometime in January and was very excited when I did! Being Roborovski hamsters they are very fast and hyper! It is very hard to catch them, to hold them, and even when you do catch them it is hard to keep them still enough to pet them! I love my hamsters, and I hope you enjoy reading about them!